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Our Associates

D J Fox & Associates understands the importance of providing unambiguous evidence to inform your decisions, complemented by the experienced opinions of our Associates. We understand that these decisions affect people's lives and that everybody involved in the case; the Claimant, the Solicitors (for the Claimant and Defendant) and the Court, require an employment report that is impartial and thoroughly researched by an expert with an investigative, insightful mind who strives to establish the full facts and who has the ability and experience to provide informed opinion.

We have a rigorous selection policy and recruit our Associates based on three key elements:


It is vital that our prospective Associates have the appropriate background and credibility to be considered experts in their field. We recruit ex-military officers, senior Police and Civil Servants, who all come with a core experience of leadership and man-management. Our Associates with previous service in the Armed Forces also have an abundant array of experience and depth of understanding from their second careers in the commercial world. Across the team we offer a diverse range of expertise in a host of areas, including but not limited to:

The Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force (including but not limited to Infantry, Royal Marines, Logistics, Communications, Education and Training, Administrative Support, Engineering, Special Forces, Aircrew, Air Traffic Control, Career Management, Recruiting and Resettlement), Civil Service, Management Consultancy, Private Security, Vocational Rehabilitation, Education and Training, Training Needs Analysis, Police, Safeguarding, Information Technology, Management Accountancy, Career Transition, Talent Development Programmes, Psychometric Testing, Partnerships and Labour Market Economics., Diversity & Inclusion, and Equal Pay.

This makes for a powerful combination, which we are able to draw upon for each individual case. 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts'.


The core values of our Associates reflect those in the military; integrity, commitment and respect for others. Strength of character along with a personable and empathetic nature are also key attributes.


Each potential Associate attends a selection day at our offices in Somerset, where they undergo an assessment through a series of written tasks. We look for strong written communication skills, a comprehensive understanding of policies and procedures relevant to their background, and insight into the difficulties of working with a disability and its effects on employment. We also assess an individual's analytical skills and the ability to distinguish the key points from complex sources.


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